Tommy Thompson is a very active auditor who travels the world on a regular basis. He has organizations in several countries, including the UK, Russia, Ukraine (Odessa), Spain, and of course the USA.

He is a permanent Class 5, who is currently under training with Pierre Ethier to become certified as a Class 9, and training to deliver the "L" rundowns.

He finished Full OT 7 in the CoS, with the number 1000. He is currently OT8.

His website is ICAUSE

Auditing is delivered to OT8, with upper levels available, awaiting only their completion of OT 7 and 8.

Training is delivered in clinics (usually short periods 2-3 weeks) and in congresses (over a month).

Main US locations are Los Angeles, San Franscisco, New York, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Chicago, and Philadelphia.

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