A Template is a fixed block of text. It can contain design features, such as a border or box or colored background. A common example is:

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Some templates are shared ones from Wikia Central, and some are unique to Scienowiki. The various Confidential templates are peculiar to Scienowiki, for instance.

To insert the text of a Scienowiki template called Example into a Scienowiki page, write in the edit box:


To insert the text of a Wikia Central template called WC Example into a Scienowiki page, write in the edit box:

{{wikicities:WC Example}}

List of Scienowiki templatesEdit

  • Stub
  • Confidential Clear
  • Confidential OT1
  • Confidential OT2
  • Confidential OT3
  • Confidential NOTs
  • Confidential OT8

List of useful Wikia templatesEdit

  • Copyvio
  • Delete
  • Fairuse
  • GFDL
  • Helpcontents
  • Homewiki
  • PD
  • Please_leave_this_line_alone_(Sandbox_heading)
  • Proposed Deletion because
  • Proposed Deletion
  • Test
  • User en
  • WikiaPolicies
  • Wikipedia

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