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This is list of books written not by L. Ron Hubbard but printed or disseminated by Scientology organizations, or somehow connected with Scientology and popular amongst Scientology staff. List not includes small booklets and course materials.


Count Alfred Habdank Skarbek Korzybski. Science and Sanity. Institute of General Semantics, Lakeville, Connecticut, 1933.


  • Alfred Elton Van Vogt. Lectures on effort processing; a transcription of a course given to the Phoenix Dianetics Group. Nov. 15-19, 1951, Phoenix. Publisher: Psychological Research Foundation, 39 pp.[1] [2]
Van Vogt headed Hubbard's short lived California Dianetics operation in 1950 and then opened a Dianetics Center in Los Angeles. Being a strong proponent of Dianetics, van Vogt eventually left Hubbard's fold as he felt that Scientology incorporated mystical and religious aspects that where absent in Dianetics.

The Julian Press (1987 Edition), Crown Publishing Group, NYNY.

This book discusses dianetic therapy, early dianetic cases, early dianetic experiments. Also discusses Winter's disillusionment with the Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation, and his resignation in protest.
  • Willam T. Powers. Logical development of dianetics. 1951, Chicago, Illinois. Publisher: Dianetic Processing & Research Foundation. Format: 37 p. 31 cm.
  • Dianetics Conference Report. June 25-30, Wichita, Kansas, 1951. PLACE: Phoenix, Arizona, PUBLISHER: Gordon Beckstead, FORMAT: 44 p.; 28 cm.


  • Richard De Mille Introduction to scientology; an introductory survey and evaluation of thirty years' work in the field of human thought by L. Ron Hubbard, C. E., PH. D., D. SCN., with special attention to technical publications dealing with dianetics and scientology. - 1953, Los Angeles. PUBLISHER: Scientology Council. FORMAT: 116 l. 28 cm.



  • The background and ceremonies of the Church of Scientology of California, World Wide, 1970



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