The True Source Scientology Foundation was founded to defend the right of religious freedom of all Scientologists, independently of whether they are a member of the Church of Scientology or not. This includes the right to have access to the original, unaltered works of L.Ron Hubbard.

The STSS (Stichting True Source Scientology; Stichting being a dutch word meaning foundation) is a foundation under Dutch Law that was founded because Scientologists world-wide need every form of support and protection they can get when they want to follow their religious beliefs outside the Church of Scientology (CoS).

There are various groups and networks, but nevertheless the field is pretty much scattered and many Scientologists who left the CoS by their own will or because they were driven out don’t even know about the existence of Free Zone Scientology. The STSS wants to help this situation.

As set forth by the statutes of the STSS, the goal of the foundation is:
To promote Scientology as a religion without commercial interests of any kind;
To enable Scientologists to practice their religion in freely formed associations of their own choice or free of any association;
To promote Scientology as a non-discriminating faith open to everyone;
To collect and preserve the original unaltered religious texts and works of Scientology and to make them accessible;
To promote the free exchange of information, ideas and opinions amongst Scientologists in a manner that is not governed or inhibited by dogma;
To promote a positive view of Scientology in the society at large.

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