Name: Ralph Hilton
Type: Individual
Registered as:
Address: Semmering, Austria, EU
Time zone: GMT +1
Hours open: 11:00 - 19:00
ED/In charge: Ralph Hilton
Contact: Ralph Hilton
# F/T staff: 2
CofS training: up to Class V
FZ training: Class 9
CofS auditing: up to original OT VII
FZ auditing:
12.5 hrs cost: 1250 Euro
Level 0 cost: 1000 Euro
Services delivered: Auditing or training at any level
Pretty info box explained

Ralph has developed a meter that can run on a desktop or laptop computer, called the C-Meter.

He lives and works in Austria, delivers services at all levels, and is the owner of a FZ discussion group on Yahoo.

There has been vandalism and edit warring here, I don't know what the truth is so I reverted to an edit by someone who knew.

External linkEdit

The C-meter

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