Name: Ron's Org Netherlands
Type: Ron's Org
Registered as: N/A
Address: Netherlands, EU
Telephone: (31) 402556753
Time zone: GMT +1
Hours open:  ?
ED/In charge: Caspar de Rijk
Contact: Caspar de Rijk
# F/T staff:  ?
CofS training: Class IX
FZ training:  ?
CofS auditing:  ?
FZ auditing:  ?
12.5 hrs cost: EUR 437.50 - 687.50
Level 0 cost:  ?
Services delivered:  ?
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A message from RO Netherlands:Edit

With more and more troubling news coming from the church of scientology it is becoming more and more obvious that there is something wrong. Without going into detail about it we can happily say that there is also something good happening to scientology and that is happening outside the church control, sometimes referred to the freezone. One of the bigger groups outside this control is called the RON'S Orgs or RON's Organization and Network for Standard tech. Here you find you are free to think for yourself and are not pushed into sect behavior or for that matter pushed into a sect. It is a study group that enables you to go up the bridge without becomming bankrupt. It also gives you the oppertunity to read all the technology for free. Take a look at what it is all about at or one of its affiliated websites.

All the best,


RONS Org NL website administrator

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