A Scienowiki page goes through several stages, from being a vague concept not even in print yet right through to being a fully-fledged complete article that people drool over and point out to their grandchildren.

These stages are categorized here in order that the pages can be labeled and improved, taken from one category to the next one upward, called Moving up the Page Chart....

Page ChartEdit

Stage 0 is a consideration, a postulate, as to what form a new page might take. It also should include a search to make sure a similar page does not already exist, possibly with an alternate name.

Stage 1 is not yet a page but solely a name and a link from another page. The link would cause it to come up in the Special:Wantedpages list.

Stage 2 is a stubling, not yet a stub. The page is now there, but barely, consisting of a template/category/sentence or two.

Stage 3 is a stub, not yet an article, roughly equivalent to a glossary entry.

Stage 4 is an article, short or long. It is expected that any article will be further expanded and improved upon as time goes on.

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