OT VI - Hubbard Solo Dianetics for OTs (Solo NOTs) Auditing Course Edit

OT VI teaches the Pre-OT to do NOTs. It consists of drills dealing with exteriorization, emotions and sensations. Available at FSO - Flag Service Organisation.

The training one recieves on this level before they begin to Solo Audit on OT VII is so powerful, it actually constitutes an entire OT Level. On Solo NOTs one is dealing with complexities intended to crush one's true power and abilities as a thetan. Solo NOTs auditors acquire a wide range of auditing skills to handle the vast phenomena that can occurr on OTVIII.

This step takes 3 - 4 weeks with the new Solo Auditor Course.

OT VI requires Set-Ups at $9,250 per intensive and these normally require two intensives. OT VI itself costs $12,800.

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