Name: Mike H
Type: Individual
Registered as:
Address: WUS
Telephone: 435-531-1061
Time zone: GMT -8
Hours open: N/A
ED/In charge: N/A
Contact: Mike H
# F/T staff: N/A
CofS training: Qual OK to operate a meter
FZ training:  ?
CofS auditing:  ?
FZ auditing:  ?
12.5 hrs cost: Please e-mail
Level 0 cost: N/A
Services delivered: Basic processes, meter repair
Pretty info box explanation

Where is Mike? Anyone know? The last time he accessed his own discussion board on was on 1 March 2006. His listed phone number doesn't work. Is he dead? In hiding? You can e-mail me at fzglobalguy@yahoo. com if you want. Paul 13:00, 25 January 2007 (UTC)

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