In 2007 the CofS brought out "The Basics", a new edition of 18 books, along with some lecture series. Ever since, there has been a huge push by the CofS to sell these to churchies and get them into the orgs to do courses based on the books.

There has also been a huge drive to collect donations from parishioners with the promise that the money would be spent sending copies of these new books to libraries around the world. As of December 2008, the amount asked is US $450 a set. Note that in recent completed auctions at eBay in the US this set of 18 books, new in shrinkwrap, is going for $20-$40 plus shipping, which would show the true market value of these books.

The CofS is promoting that far more libraries have sets than an independent count would show. Many libraries have online catalogs that can be accessed anywhere in the world, and anyone can check for themselves.

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