Name: Leon Swart
Type: Human
Registered as:
Address: Christchurch, New Zealand
Telephone: use the e-mail
Time zone: GMT +12
Hours open: all
ED/In charge: Leon Swart
Contact: Leon Swart
# F/T staff: 1
CofS training: Old-time Senior Class IV Grad C/S, OEC, FEBC.
FZ training: Everything else
CofS auditing: Grade One + + +
FZ auditing: Everything else, and then some.
12.5 hrs cost: $750
Level 0 cost: N/A
Services delivered: All, up to Section III and beyond
Pretty info box explanation

Leon has been actively involved in Scientology since 1969. After many years on various posts on Org staff, he left during the schism of 1983. Since then he has audited independently delivering services and gains that could never be attained before.

Leon audits part time from his home in Christchurch, NZ. Auditor training is also available to approved persons.

Cost of auditing is $60 per hour. This is done on both a face-to-face basis and by telephone to persons all over the world - amazing results having been obtained by this means.

You are free to communicate and ask questions. He can be contacted at

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