From 1950 until around 1972, LRH gave approximately 3,000 lectures which were recorded on the equipment of the time. These lectures have been available in various forms over the years, with many now available on CD.

Previous formats have included reel-to-reel tapes, cassettes, and in printed form as transcripts. A project was begun to issue all these lectures in printed form, called the "R&D Volumes" (Research and Discovery). The latest volume to be issued, Volume 15?, includes many of the Philadelphia Doctorate Course lectures from 1952.

Various lecture series have been made available over the years, but at a wild guess, no more than 1,500 of these lectures are readily available.

[Someone want to list all these out with the number of lectures, or even their dates and titles?!]

Some of the Lecture Series AvailableEdit

(Current title and original title)
1st ACC = Exteriorization & Phenomena of Space
5th ACC = Universes & War Between Theta & MEST
9th ACC = Solution to Entrapment
15th ACC = Power of Simplicity
16th ACC = Anatomy of Cause
20th (American) ACC = First Postulate
Ability Congress = Ability Congress
Academy Levels
Anatomy of the Human Mind = Anatomy of the Human Mind
Clearing Congress Lectures = Clearing Congress Lectures
Creation of Chaos
Freedom Congress = Freedom Congress
False Purpose RD
London Auditor Meeting = Game of OT
Hubbard College Lectures
History of Man Series = Part of Hubbard College Lectures
Logics and Axioms Lectures = Perception of Truth
London Clearing Congress = Origin of Aberration
London Group Course
Melbourne Congress = Principles of Creation
November (1952) Lecture series = Secrets of the MEST Universe
Philadelphia Doctorate Course
State of Man Congress = State of Man Congress
Technique 80 Lectures = Route to Infinity

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