Dr. Jack Ferris Horner, D.D., D.Scn., was the founder of the Dianology movement, later renamed the Church of Eductivism. When he left the Church of Scientology in 1965 due to disagreements with the new Ethics code (which Horner found to be too strict), he had been working with L. Ron Hubbard for over a decade. After a short period of complete disassociation with Scientology, Horner went on to develop a collection of teachings strongly based on Dianetics and Scientology, with a few adjustments. Initially named Dianology, Horner renamed the movement Eductivism in 1971, aided financially by the Personal Spiritual Freedoms Foundation, also conceived by Horner. Shortly thereafter, Horner founded the Church of Spiritual Freedoms, later renamed the Church of Eductivism, as well as the Association of International Dianologists which accounted for both the Church and the Foundation.

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