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This page started out as a copy of part of Clearbird's copyrighted Glossary. Clearbird Publishing gave permission for it to be used in Scienowiki. See full copyright notice.

  • ACC: Advanced Clinical Course
  • AESP: Attitudes, emotions, sensations, pains
  • ARCU: Affinity, reality, communication, understanding
  • ARC-X: (ARCX:) ARC break
  • CDEINR: Curious, desired, enforce, inhibit, no, refuse
  • ARF: Auditors report form
  • AT: Antagonistic Terminal
  • BD: Blowdown
  • BER: Bad exam report
  • BI's: (BI: BIs:) Bad indicators (on pc)
  • BPC: By-passed Charge
  • C&A: Certificates and awards
  • CC: Clearing Course
  • CL: Class (level)
  • Class Chart: Classification chart
  • Cog: Cognition
  • Comm Cycle: Communication cycle
  • C/S: (CS:) Case supervisor:, case supervision,
  • Case supervisor's written instruction
  • CT: Clearing Technology
  • Demo: Demonstration
  • D of P: Director of Processing
  • Dn: Dianetics®
  • DN: Dirty Needle
  • DR: Dirty Read
  • DYN: Dynamics
  • E/S: ES: Earlier similar
  • EP: End phenomena
  • E/O: EO: Ethics Officer
  • EXT: Exterior or exteriorization
  • F: Fall, flow
  • HAV: Havingness
  • FES: Folder Error Summary
  • FS: Folder Summary
  • FL: Flow
  • F/N: FN: Floating needle
  • FFT: Full Flow Table
  • GAE: Gross Auditing Error
  • GF: Green form
  • GI's: GI: GIs: Good indicators
  • GR: Grade
  • HF: Health form
  • HE&R: Human emotion and reaction
  • HCOB: Hubbard Communications Office Bulletin, technical paper.
  • HGC: Hubbard Guidance Center
  • Inval: Invalidation
  • INT RD: Exteriorization/Interiorization Rundown
  • L1C: Repair List for upset pc's
  • L4 Short: L4: Repair List for L&N actions
  • L4RB: Long Repair List for L&N actions
  • LCRE: Confessional Repair List
  • LF: Long fall
  • LFBD: Long fall Blowdown
  • L&N: Listing and nulling
  • LRH: Lafayette Ron Hubbard.
  • MO: Medical officer
  • MU: Misunderstood word or symbol
  • MWH: (M/W/H:) Missed Withhold
  • O/R: (OR:) Overrun
  • OT: Operating thetan
  • Pn: Pain
  • PC: Preclear
  • PR: Public relations
  • Pro: Professional
  • PTP: Present time problem
  • PT: Present time
  • PTS: Potential trouble source
  • Q&A: Question and Answer
  • R3RA: Routine 3 Revised-A
  • REHAB: Rehabilitate/rehabilitation
  • Restim: Restimulation
  • RR: (R/R:) Rocket read
  • RS: (R/S:) Rock slam
  • R/S item: Rock slam item
  • RUDS: Rudiments
  • SCN: Scientologie
  • SF: Small Fall
  • SH: Saint Hill
  • SHSBC: Saint Hill Special Briefing Course
  • SOM: Somatic
  • SP: Suppressive person
  • ST: Standard Clearing Technology. Same as Clearing Technology in Clearbird.
  • SUPP: Suppress
  • TECH: Technology or technical
  • TA: Tone Arm or Tone arm action
  • TR: (TRs: TRs:) Training Routine
  • TWC: (2WC:) Two-way communication
  • VBI: Very bad indicators
  • VGI: Very good indicators
  • WCCL: Word Clearing Correction List
  • W/H: (WH:) Withhold

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