Name: Freezoner01
Type: Individual
Registered as: FZ01
Address: Middle Europe, Hungary
Telephone: private - email me
Time zone: GMT+1
Hours open: 8-18 daily
# F/T staff: 1
Yahoo group: FZHU-Intro
Contact: FZ01
Training level: Class V grad + C/S
Case level: OT 8 +
Auditing hours: EUR 20-80/hour
Training courses: EUR 40-
Services delivered: Intro to advanced levels
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I've choosen the nickname of Freezoner01 back in 2000 when I found the Freezone and I had to make up an email address. It has no significance, just to keep some privacy. So much changed in the past 6 years! Only the nickname stayed.

In the church my progress toward my main goal of spiritual enlightenment was hindered by alterations of policy and tech and some enforced materialistic purposes set by management. It looked almost hopeless - but I just decided that I WILL make it, with or without the church. I wanted and got an SP declare, and neved looked back.

Still, I have no quarrel with the church. They suffer from the same pressures in this universe than all of us. In fact it was interesting experience, I learned a lot about the 3rd dynamic. My my purpose to make it to full OT in one lifetime became even stronger by all the hardship encountered.

Soon I found the FZ and one of the best auditors of the planet, Ralph Hilton, and there were no more stops. I just went up the Bridge in a few months, done auditor training and started on the pre-OT levels. Here I am now, having audited some thousands of well-done-auditing-hours, helped and trained others, made Clears, cracked cases. This is what I always wanted to do.

In 2001 I have created a growing freezone group, we're using scio Basics and the Tech. Those who train or audit under my care do very well indeed. I will post much more about our successes and results soon, you can also visit our FZAOHU website to read about it.


Most important is to let you know the guiding principles that I follow:

  • Enough is enough - I want to get ALL the way out.
  • One cannot get out alone. We share the responsibity for others, too.
  • I believe that YOU are fully CAUSE - you are, were, and will be.
  • There is always a choice. You're granted the total Power of Choice.
  • My aim is to make you totally free, of my or others help and even scientology.
  • I assist You only with the aim to make you fully independent the soonest.
  • Training IS the way to OT. Read it, drill it, DO it.
  • Co-auditing is always encouraged and preferred.
  • Ethics is a personal thing.
  • Ethics IS a personal thing!

Now, if you are interested, just mail me.
Look forward hearing from you! :-)


Scientology historyEdit

Freezone contributions
May 2001 FZ groups started in Middle Europe
May 2001 FZ Solo auditor checksheet compiled and released
2001-2006 10+ Clears attested
2001-2006 Exec of FZAOINT & leader of FZAOHU
2002-2006 Distributor of Ralph Hilton's analog meters & the C-meter
spring 2006FZAOHU website created

Scientology® church processing:
Introductory Processes
Purification Rundown
TR's and Objectives Co-audit
Scientology Drug Rundown
ARC Straightwire Expanded
Various confessionals
Freezone processing:
Grade 0 Expanded
Grade I Expanded
Grade II Expanded
Grade III Expanded
Grade IV Expanded
Clear verification
OT drug rundown
NOTs rudnowns
Solo NOTs

and further advanced rundowns

Scientology® church tech training:
The 8 dynamics mini course
TRs 0-9
Basic Study Manual
PTS/SP mini course
Assist delivery training
Personal Integrity course
Introduction to Scientology Ethics
Success through Communication
TR's and Objectives Co-audit

Freezone tech training:
Student hat
Academy level 0-IV training
Class IV C/S training
Class V Grad auditor training
Class V Grad C/S training

OT hatting and training lectures:

  • Route to Infinity
  • Perception of Truth
  • State of Man congress
  • Clearing congress
  • ACC: Creation of Human Ability
  • ACC: Admiration & the renaissance of beingness
  • The Whole Track Lectures
  • Expansion of Havingness
  • Radiation
  • Philadelphia Doctorate Course
  • Time Track of Theta
  • False Purpose Rundown
  • Power of Simplicity
  • Games and the spirit of play
  • Communication, freedom and ability
  • various congresses, etc. ...

Scientology® admin training:

Staff Status I
Staff Status II

Sea Org Product Zero

  • Welcome to the Sea Org course
  • Basic Sea Org Member Hat
  • Personal grooming course

Sea Org Product One

  • How to make work easier
  • Sea Org basic cleaning course
  • Way to happiness course
  • Mission school 3rd class

Organization Exec Course Volume 0

Various mini hats and training:

  • HCO / personnel
  • Testing
  • Dissemination
  • Registration
  • Tech services
  • Continental management
  • Scientology materials consultant

Data series & evaluation
Org boards training
Organization and establishment

Scientology® staff history:

Field Staff Member

  • Book sales
  • Assisting start-up Dianetics missions

6 years Sea Org at EU headquarters

  • Basic SO Training
  • SMI Europe - assisting Missions
  • Continental HCO Recruitment
  • AOSH EU Recruitment
  • AOSH EU Tech services
  • CLO EU continental management

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