Type: Standard Tech
Registered as:
(if individual)
Address:POB 1757, Elma, Washington, 98541USA
Telephone: 360 482 4287
Time zone: PST
Hours open: To be arranged
ED/Person in charge:
Contact: Patricia
# F/T staff: 2
Training level:
Sup training level:
Case level: OT VIII
12 1/2 hrs cost: Email me
Services delivered: Yes!
Pretty info box explained

Elma WA, 1/2 hour West of Olympia WA, Exit 104 on Interstate 5. Lovely little town, population about 2,500, ponds to swim in the summer, a park across from our house for the kids to play in.

We have a course room and a couple of auditing spaces. Wonderful friends. Theta enviroment. Even a new roof so we won't be rained on. Not connected to the Churches of Scientology, the Religious Technology Center, or the Church of Spiritual Technology.

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