The Public Division or Distribution Division, expanded into three separate divisions in a 9-division org board.

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Division 6 has 3 sub-Divisions ( 6A - Public Contact, 6B - Public Activites,  6C - Success), and 9 Departments. Under 6A are Departments 16,17, and 18; under 6B are Departments 19, 20, and 21 and under 6C are Departments 22, 23, and 24.  Each  sub-Division has a Director head [6A Director of Public Contact, 6B Director of Public Services and 6C Director of Public Clearing]. The EXECUTIVE of  Division 6 is the PUBLIC EXECUTIVE SECRETARY or PES. The PUBLIC SERVICING SECRETARY or PSS  is under the PES. Div 6 is the largest Division in Scientology.

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