This is a very long and involved subject. The intellectual properties of L. Ron Hubbard form the basis of the material wealth of the CofS, and also form the basis of the spiritual wealth of many Scientologists, in their estimation. It could be said that whoever controls the copyrights and key trademarks of Scientology controls the future of Scientology, or at least the future of the Church.

In the beginning, Hubbard controlled all the Scientology copyrights and the few trademarks that were registered.

Now, the copyrights are all owned by the Church of Spiritual Technology, CST, doing business as L. Ron Hubbard Library. The key trademarks are also controlled by CST, although most people think that RTC plays that role.

And who controls CST? Despite the assertions at this web site, it would seem to still be David Miscavige.

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