This term is also used to refer to specific words or phrases (such as invalidate or suppress) used in auditing, because when the auditor says it to the pc (pushes it) he can get a Meter reaction. When a button reads, it is a valid read. Example: "On 'Apples' has anything been suppressed" gives a read. This is taken to mean 'Apples' is charged and can be taken up.

Suppress buttonEdit

Invalidate buttonEdit

Careful of buttonEdit

Didn't reveal buttonEdit

Not-is buttonEdit

Suggest buttonEdit

Mistake been made buttonEdit

Protest buttonEdit

Anxious about buttonEdit

Decide buttonEdit

Withdraw from buttonEdit

Reach buttonEdit

Ignore buttonEdit

State buttonEdit

Help buttonEdit

Alter buttonEdit

Reveal buttonEdit

Assert buttonEdit

Agree (with) buttonEdit

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